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Program Operating Model

Providence St. Mary Medical Center

Providence St. Mary Medical Center (PSMMC) PGY1 pharmacy residency program is individually operated, managed, and controlled by PSMMC. This program is individually accredited and recognized by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). PSMMC issues the graduation certificate to the PGY1 pharmacy resident upon successful completion of all program objectives and requirements with the certificates issued in the name of Providence St. Mary Medical Center.

Providence St. Mary Medical Center directly incurs the training costs of its PGY1 pharmacy residency program and controls the administration of the program at the hospital level. PSMMC has direct control of the program’s curriculum and is responsible for its day-to-day teaching program operation. PSMMC employs all preceptors and provides and controls both classroom instruction (where classroom instruction is a requirement for program completion) and clinical training. PSMMC controls and maintains the program’s payroll records of preceptors and pharmacy residents.