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Meet our Current Residents

Daniel Funk, PharmDDaniel Funk

Hometown: Kenosha, WI

Pharmacy School: University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy

Current Residency Project: Expansion of a Pharmacist Driven Protocol for Management of Post Discharge Positive Cultures in the Emergency Department

Why I chose Providence: I chose Providence Sacred Heart because I was seeking a site large enough to support a wide variety of clinical experiences while maintaining a supportive, community culture. Fortunately, I have found this to be the case; many of our pharmacist preceptors also came up through our residency program and have a genuine interest in us and our professional development. In addition, the affiliation with Washington State University allows me to explore my interest in education by earning a teaching certificate. I wanted to begin my career in another state with progressive pharmacy practice, and Spokane offers the benefits of a regionally large city center with plenty of nearby outdoor activities to enjoy.

Professional Interests: Cardiology, Teaching, Emergency Medicine

Personal Interests: Running, walking my dog, trivia, attending concerts and standup comedy shows

Jysheng Hou

Jysheng Hou, PharmD

Hometown: Carbondale, IL

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois at Chicago

Current Residency Project: Evaluation of the Role of IV Iron in Heart Failure

Why I chose Providence: I chose Providence Sacred Heart because of the robust acute care experiences offered in addition to ample specialty experiences that would allow me to tailor my learning to my interest areas while becoming a well-rounded pharmacist. I was excited for the opportunity to start my career at an establishment with progressive pharmacy culture in order to explore the potential that pharmacists can bring to a multidisciplinary care team. I was further drawn to this program during my interview when leadership emphasized their philosophy of fostering resident growth and development through meeting residents where they are at in their education and providing a supportive learning environment throughout their journey. The combination of a challenging but supportive program and ideal location of Spokane solidified this program as the right fit for me.

Professional Interests: Infectious Disease, Solid Organ Transplant, Oncology

Personal Interests: anything outdoors/active with friends and family, making crafts, watching TV/dramas

Trystan Martin

Trystan Martin, PharmD

Hometown: Spokane, WA

Pharmacy School: Pacific University

Current Residency Project: Establishing a Standardized Rasburicase Protocol in the Pediatric Oncology Setting

Why I chose Providence: I chose Providence Sacred Heart in part because of the vast offering of clinical experiences that align with my interests. Sacred Heart is also an excellent learning environment with pharmacists and preceptors that value learning and are an integral part of the multidisciplinary team. With all the support offered by the program, I knew that it would help me become a well-rounded clinical pharmacist.

Professional Interests: Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Oncology

Personal Interests: Outdoor activities, spending time with family and friends, and trying new restaurants!

Jennifer Pelzel

Jennifer Pelzel, PharmD

Hometown: Selah, WA

Pharmacy School: Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Current Residency Project: Development of a Pharmacist Driven Protocol for Assessing Penicillin Allergies and the Potential Risk of Cross Reactivity in the Inpatient Setting

Why I chose Providence: I started with Providence as an intern and fell in love with the passion the caregivers have for the patients. I wanted to stay within this organization through residency and even after having most of my rotations here as a fourth year, there were still so many opportunities for both personal and professional growth. Providence shows a dedication to its caregivers and really emphasizes a work life balance that is often missing in other large hospitals/organizations. Being one of the largest hospitals in the region, they can give you a foundation in any specialty of pharmacy you are interested in, which was perfect for me as I didn’t have a specific area of focus in mind.

Professional Interests: Management, Emergency Medicine, Infectious Disease

Personal Interests: hanging out with friends, painting, playing volleyball and exploring the city

Shelby Skauge

Shelby Skauge, PharmD

Hometown: Shepherd, MT

Pharmacy School: University of Montana

Current Residency Project: Evaluation of the Role of Midodrine in Reducing Vasopressor Duration in the Adult Critical Care Population

Why I chose Providence: Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center offers rotations that meet my educational requirements and interests. As a fourth-year student, I knew I wanted to gain experience in a larger hospital setting with high acuity care that would facilitate my exposure to a variety of disease states. The team of pharmacists are very encouraging; they provide a positive learning environment by actively engaging with residents throughout each rotation and get to know us on a personal level. I was confident that the program would provide me with the skill set needed to be a well-rounded pharmacist and help me accomplish my professional goals.

Professional Interests: Critical Care, Emergency Medicine

Personal Interests: hiking, traveling, cooking, spending time with my Labrador retriever - Sammie

Kimberly Tkach-Pelgrim

Kimberly Tkach-Pelgrim, PharmD

Hometown: Oceanside, New York

Pharmacy School: University of Pittsburgh

Current Residency Project: Evaluation of Inhaled Epoprostenol and Nitric Oxide Use in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

Why I chose Providence: As a prospective resident, I was interested in pursuing a residency program that had strong rotations in pediatrics, but also allowed me the ability to become familiar with adult medicine and Sacred Heart provides me with the best of both worlds. Another aspect that was important to me was learning in an institution where the pharmacists are vital members of the interprofessional team and can practice independently with collaborative practice agreements. I realize now that the pharmacists at Sacred Heart are certainly practicing at the top of their licenses. I am confident that after residency, I will have the skills to excel as a clinical pharmacist anywhere!

Professional Interests: Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Cardiology

Personal Interests: hiking with my dog, cycling classes, watching Netflix, and going to happy hour + bingo with my coresidents!