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Meet our Current Residents

Analise Klassen, PharmDCorle Morefield

Hometown: Fairfield, CA

Pharmacy School: Chapman University School of Pharmacy

Current Residency Project: Establishing a Standardized Post-Discharge Antimicrobial Therapy Process for Pharmacists in the Emergency Department

Why I chose Providence: I chose Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center because it offers a wide variety of clinical experiences that align with my interests. I was drawn to the large size and location of the hospital since it provides high-acuity care to a diverse patient population. Sacred Heart is an established teaching hospital which provides an excellent learning environment, and the pharmacists here are a valued part of the multidisciplinary team. During my interview I could tell that all of the pharmacists are truly invested in resident growth and development. I knew that the opportunities provided by this residency program would help me become a well-rounded clinical pharmacist.

Professional Interests: Oncology, Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine

Personal Interests: Cooking and baking, kayaking, playing volleyball, taking care of my plants

Maribel Rincon

Kobe Ma, PharmD

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Pharmacy School: Washington State University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Current Residency Project: An Evaluation and Optimization of Anti-Infectives Utilization in the Critical Care Setting

Why I chose Providence: I chose Providence Sacred Heart because the program offers a variety of experiences, teaching opportunities, and rotations in a supportive learning environment. As a 644-bed, level II trauma tertiary medical center, Sacred Heart would provide me with ample learning opportunities to become a well-rounded pharmacist. I value the program’s affiliation with WSU and I am very excited to give back to the school and community. As residents, we are given the opportunity to precept students as well as participate in didactic lecture, journal club, lab, and topic discussion, which I firmly believe to be an exceptional way to reinforce concepts while refining teaching skills. I believe the combination of education, project opportunities, and clinical care will facilitate my development to be a strong clinical pharmacist and preceptor.

Professional Interests: Infectious Disease, Critical Care, Internal Medicine

Personal Interests: Learning, playing video games, snowboarding, cooking

Cameron Yang

Lisa Mah-Park, PharmD

Hometown: Portland, OR

Pharmacy School: Oregon State University and Oregon Health & Science University

Current Residency Project: Evaluation of Vasopressin Use in the Intensive Care Unit

Why I chose Providence: I chose Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center because of its long-standing history and well-established reputation as an exception pharmacy residency program. Sacred Heart offers a multitude of acute care experiential opportunities and wide variety of elective rotations to tailor to your specific interests. From the moment of my interview, I could feel the welcoming and warm energy of the pharmacy department. The preceptors create a positive learning environment and are enthusiastic to have residents on rotation. They are very invested in helping you grow and challenging you as a resident. I am fully confident that after completing this resident program, I will have the necessary skills to excel as a well-rounded clinical pharmacist.

Professional Interests: Critical Care, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine

Personal Interests: Thrifting, interior decorating, discovering new eateries and coffee shops

Kevin Behbahany

Mackenzy Meinhardt, PharmD

Hometown: Wichita, KS

Pharmacy School: University of Kansas School of Pharmacy, Rock Chalk!

Current Residency Project: Evaluation and Implementation of a Dalbavancin Dosing Protocol in the Inpatient Setting to Expedite Discharge

Why I chose Providence: I chose Sacred Heart because they provided opportunities in all of my interest areas and more. They offered rotations in psych, solid organ transplant, and pediatrics. There were also other ways for me to get involved in my interest areas through projects. I loved the family feel of the program that was represented during my discussions with everyone at the hospital. The program emphasized their supportive environment throughout all my interactions and it seemed like the perfect fit!

Professional Interests: Solid Organ Transplant, Psychiatric Pharmacy, Internal Medicine

Personal Interests: Group exercise, indoor cycling class, my house plants, paddle boarding

Angela Nguyen

Joshua Osborne, PharmD

Hometown: Kalispell, MT

Pharmacy School: University of Montana, Skaggs School of Pharmacy

Current Residency Project: Implementation of a Direct Oral Anticoagulant Eligibility Algorithm for Patients Receiving Warfarin in an Inpatient Setting

Why I chose Providence: The hospital size and large service area provide exposure to a diverse selection of cases. The pharmacists are trusted by and highly involved in multidisciplinary teams, which has and will continue to develop professional confidence. Plus, the pharmacy staff welcomed us with open arms and I quickly felt at home at SHMC. The work environment is great, which eases the demanding residency schedule.

Professional Interests: Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Critical Care

Personal Interests: Road cycling, cooking and baking, check out new and local breweries

Maxx Nehser

Samantha Smith, PharmD

Hometown: Fremont, NE

Pharmacy School: South Dakota State University College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions

Current Residency Project: Evaluation of Time to Positive Blood Culture Results in a Children’s Hospital and Implementation of a 36-Hour Bacteremia Rule-Out Period

Why I chose Providence: I chose Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center because it matched my goals for the future, and I knew Spokane was a beautiful and fun place to live. SHMC is a traditional PGY1 residency program, but it offers many opportunities in pediatrics. It is the only program I looked at with a pediatric-specific emergency department, and it had the largest PICU and NICU units. I also knew I wanted to be a part of a program with multiple residents. With 5 other co-residents, I get a built-in group of supportive friends! My interest in this program was solidified after my interview. Although it was online, Marjan and the other preceptors were all very enthusiastic and friendly during the interview. I knew I couldn’t go wrong applying here!

Professional Interests: Pediatrics, Psychiatric Pharmacy, Oncology, Cardiology

Personal Interests: Hiking, kayaking, exploring new restaurants, spending time with family and friends