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Meet our Current Residents

Erik Hastie, PharmD

Hometown: Springfield, OR

Pharmacy School: Oregon State University

Current Residency Project: Evaluation and implementation of a wean protocol for dexmedetomidine infusions in the intensive care unit.

Why I chose Providence: I chose Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center due their large volume of high-acuity patients and the supportive environment that I experienced during my selection process. PSHMC is a Level II Trauma Center that serves patients with complex and challenging cases on a daily basis, which will provide me with ample opportunity to learn, engage, and make clinical interventions as part of a multidisciplinary team. In addition, the robust list of clinical rotations aligned well with my areas of interest while also addressing gaps in my pharmacological knowledge. With such a well-rounded clinical rotation schedule accompanied with supportive staff members I knew that PSHMC would provide me with the tools to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable pharmacist.

Professional Interests: Critical Care, Cardiology, and Infectious Disease.

Personal Interests: Camping, anything on a mountain, and finding new places to eat.


Christine Pan, PharmD

Hometown: Denver, CO

Pharmacy School: Regis University

Current Residency Project: Expansion of adult Emergency Medicine clinical pharmacy services.

Why I chose Providence: I chose Providence Sacred Heart because the residency program offered the variety of clinical rotations I was looking for in my postgraduate training. As a student, I was interested in all the clinical services I had the opportunity to work in. As a resident, I wanted to expand upon those experiences as well as gain experience in areas I previously had minimal exposure to. Sacred Heart offered all the rotations I believed would aid in developing a well-rounded clinical pharmacist. Additionally, as part of Providence Health & Services, the focus on care for all, especially the poor and vulnerable, aligns well with my personal philosophy of care.

Professional Interests: Critical care, internal medicine, academia.

Personal Interests: Trying new things (foods, places, and activities)!


James Berain, PharmD

Hometown: Meridian, ID

Pharmacy School: Idaho State University

Current Residency Project: Evaluation and optimization of direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) use in clinical practice.

Why I chose Providence: I chose Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center because it has a well-established reputation of commitment and support for their pharmacy residents. In addition, the range of services offered by the hospital allow me to receive a more diverse exposure to complex and challenging clinical cases. Both the core and elective rotations offered by the program will allow me to complete a well-rounded training with ample opportunities in other areas of interest. Pharmacy has a strong presence at Sacred Heart and is a valued and integral part of the interdisciplinary team. The program has retained strong staff and preceptors that are both welcoming to the residents and invested in our success as pharmacists. I am confident that I will complete the program having the necessary tools needed to be a knowledgeable and successful clinician.

Professional Interests: Critical care, cardiology, and emergency medicine.

Personal Interests: Snowboarding, fishing, playing board/video games, weightlifting, spending time with family and friends.


Gabriel Jones, PharmD

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Pharmacy School: Pacific University

Current Residency Project: Impact of pharmacists interventions on reducing readmission in patients at high risk.

Why I chose Providence: I believe that in order to become a better pharmacist, it is vital to be well-rounded in all subjects. In addition to the diverse set of required rotations, Sacred Heart offers a variety of elective rotations that are flexible enough to fit your professional interests and goals. Sacred Heart also prioritizes team-oriented patient care, resulting in each day providing excellent opportunities to improve critical thinking, inter-professional communication, and organizational skills. Finally, and most importantly, the values instilled at Providence make it a fantastic setting for building genuine relationships with everyone here.

Professional Interests: Oncology, cardiology, internal medicine.

Personal Interests: Reading nonfiction books, keeping up with the news and sports, discovering new restaurants and bars, getting nostalgic with friends and family.


Jeni Hagan, PharmD

Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA

Pharmacy School: University of California, San Francisco

Current Residency Project: Improving transitions of care from in the inpatient setting and from inpatient to discharge.

Why I chose Providence: I chose Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center because of the variety of acute care rotations, Children’s Hospital offering exposure to specialized pediatric care, and supportive learning environment. In addition, the teaching component and prescriptive authority protocols elevate the learning experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from the wonderful preceptors, and I appreciate working with an interdisciplinary team that welcomes the pharmacy presence. The Sacred Heart caregivers are dedicated to providing compassionate patient care, and I am inspired by their passion. The people, culture, and learning opportunities truly make this an ideal residency program.

Professional Interests: Pediatrics, oncology, and critical care.

Personal Interests: Hiking, listening to music, traveling to countries with different languages, and experimenting with arts and crafts.


Alexandra Silva, PharmD

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Pharmacy School: University of Southern California

Current Residency Project: Evaluation of patient outcomes associated with IV acetaminophen use post-operatively in the CT surgery population.

Why I chose Providence: I chose Providence Sacred Heart for the wide variety of required and elective rotations. As someone still looking for experience in a multitude of areas, I wanted a program that could fulfill all my interests. I was drawn to Providence Sacred Heart, not only for the experiences the program has to offer, but also for how they value their residents, how welcoming the pharmacy staff is, and how dedicated the pharmacists are to guiding the residents through residency to ultimately prepare them for their future careers.

Professional Interests: Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Academia, Psychiatry

Personal Interests: Reading, traveling, attending theater performances, and spending time with family and friends.