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Reflections from Past Residents

Michelle Godinez, Pharm.D.

(PGY1 Resident, 2009-2010)

“As the pioneer resident at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center I was encouraged to use my clinical knowledge and creativity in paving the way for a program that, in my personal opinion, has turned out to be a fantastic one. My most fond memory while there was establishing and nurturing professional and personal relationships with all of my preceptors who were key in my success as a resident and now as a clinical pharmacist. I can sincerely say that Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center has a special place in my heart.”

Joana Co, Pharm.D.

(PGY1 Resident, 2011-2012)

“My residency at St. Joe’s taught me that compassion is as important as any clinical knowledge gained. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my preceptors as well as other staff and felt at home right way. I still strive to be a well-rounded pharmacist, inspired by my preceptors and other staff.”

Armine Melkomian, Pharm.D.

(PGY1 Resident, 2012-2013)

“The acute care residency program at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center consists of a comprehensive curriculum. The program gave me the opportunity as a new graduate to work in many settings such as neonatal and adult intensive care units. I strongly believe I chose the right residency program, because I felt prepared as a clinical pharmacist, while having the opportunity to work with experienced, professional, and hard-working pharmacists.”

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