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PGY1 Pharmacy Residents-Portland

Jonathan Aguilar Roa, PharmDJonathan Aguilar Roa, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Pacific University School of Pharmacy | Hillsboro, OR

Why I chose Providence: My first introduction to Providence Health was at a pharmacy career fair. I was intrigued by the friendliness and energy of the residency cohort. Upon further research, I found that the program’s curriculum consisted of a comprehensive set of rotations and a layered learning model that would help make me a strong clinician and preceptor. On the day of my residency interview I felt welcome and was pleased at how much interest the Providence team took in getting to know me as a human being. It also became very evident that the culture of Providence Health was one that is highly focused on providing the best care for patients and ensuring the growth of its clinicians. Furthermore, I found it appealing to have a large residency cohort who I could share and create great memories with. I am thrilled and proud to be a part of the Providence Health team and I look forward to growing as a clinician and serving the Portland area patient population.

Professional interests: Oncology and Critical Care.

Hobbies: Boxing, exploring the outdoors, trying new food, beer and wine tasting.

Carly Barnes, PharmDCarly Barnes, PharmD​

Pharmacy School: Regis University School of Pharmacy | Denver, Colorado

Why I chose Providence: ​ I was initially drawn to Providence due to the variety of both ambulatory care and acute care rotation opportunities offered by the residency program. Joining a healthcare system that incorporates components of multidisciplinary collaboration, a diverse patient population, and a plethora of patient care opportunities is exactly what I was looking for in a residency. Furthermore, I knew I wanted to practice in the Pacific Northwest due to the progressive nature of pharmacy and the ability to practice at the top of my license. During my interview, the supportive and welcoming culture here was present and I already felt at home. I am excited for the unique opportunity to engage in the layered learning model and teaching certificate offered here. I know these opportunities will help me develop my preceptor skills and give me the chance to explore my interest in academia. I am looking forward to the immense amount of personal and professional growth I will develop over the next year.

Professional Interests: Ambulatory care, academia, and infectious disease.

Hobbies: Discovering new breweries, true crime podcasts, reading, and exploring the mountains.

Jacqueline Figueras, PharmDJacqueline Figueras, PharmD

Pharmacy School: University of Washington School of Pharmacy | Seattle, WA

Why I Chose Providence: I grew up in Federal Way, Washington with my family my whole life and wanted to step out of my comfort zone and experience an adventure during my residency year. I was drawn to Oregon because of its progressive pharmacy practice and it was not too far from home. Providence’s PGY1 program drew my attention because of the variety of specialty services and ambulatory care opportunities. The large cohort of 15 residents was also an added bonus as I knew a larger cohort would help with the transition of being in a new state. However, I truly fell in love with Providence during my interview. I was able to witness the amazing inter-professional relationships with the healthcare team, friendly and welcoming attitude of the current residents and preceptors, and the amazing support from the clinical managers and program director.

Professional Interests: Ambulatory care, pediatrics, geriatrics

Hobbies: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, & more Netflix… crocheting, petting dogs, and eating.

Caleb Galindo, PharmDCaleb Galindo, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Pacific University School of Pharmacy | Hillsboro, OR​

Why I chose Providence: During my time as a pharmacy student in the area, I had the privilege of working with pharmacists who were once Providence residents. From the mentorship of my preceptors, it was evident that Providence’s residency training equips pharmacists to be strong, versatile clinicians proficient in managing a variety of disease states. I chose Providence because its diverse population, size, and access to a wide breadth of specialties would be an excellent setting for me to expand my patient care abilities for wherever my career takes me. Providence’s culture of teamwork also resonated with me as I was excited to train alongside a large cohort of co-residents and other interdisciplinary teams. My interview with Providence solidified my interest as I was warmly met and impressed with how welcoming everyone was.

Personal Interest: Critical care, internal medicine, ambulatory care

Hobbies: Fishing, camping, traveling, enjoying Portland’s food scene, and spending time with my two dogs

Meagan Greckel, PharmDMeagan Greckel, PharmD

Pharmacy School: University of Colorado, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals Sciences | Denver, CO

Why I chose Providence: I was initially drawn to Providence due to the variety of rotations that were offered- notably the critical care core rotation and the ID elective. I absolutely loved my interview experience and felt respected by the preceptors and staff. The culture at Providence matched my beliefs and ignited a sense of purpose in my pharmacy career. It was also encouraging to know that I had 15 residents to lean on whenever I needed it. Not only did the program appreciate who I was and what experiences I had to offer, they highlighted my achievements and made me feel that my future success was their highest priority. I knew that I could flourish at Providence and in Portland, and I am thankful that I could be a part of such a wonderful group of people.

Professional interests: Infectious disease, emergency medicine, and critical/acute care.

Hobbies: Listening to true crime podcast, going to concerts, hiking, snowboarding, and searching for the perfect donut.

Linda Huynh, PharmDLinda Huynh, PharmD​

Pharmacy School: Oregon State University Doctor of Pharmacy Program | Corvallis, OR; Portland, OR

Why I chose Providence: ​I was initially impressed by Providence during my rotations as a fourth-year student, where I found myself surrounded by preceptors that were extremely invested in my growth. I appreciated that not only was my professional growth valued, but my personal development was highly regarded as well. Providence is nationally recognized for serving as a model in pharmacy practice. I knew I would have robust clinical experiences by being immersed in the collaborative and progressive culture demonstrated at Providence. Furthermore, with such a wide array of clinical rotations offered, I know this program will prepare me to be a well-rounded clinician. This program truly offers everything I envisioned in a PGY-1 residency and so much more.

Professional interests: Internal medicine, emergency medicine, academia.

Hobbies: Traveling, drinking boba, exploring new restaurants, Netflixing, and shopping.

Kevin Johansen, PharmDKevin Johansen, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Pacific University School of Pharmacy | Hillsboro, OR

Why I chose Providence: Being a people-person, I was really drawn to the large resident cohort size Providence provides to us as residents. The preceptors and pharmacy staff are all very supportive and used to having residents around, which leads to a positive and welcoming atmosphere. Being a large hospital in Portland, Providence provides me with plenty of opportunities with very diverse and well-established rotations to choose from, particularly in critical care and emergency medicine which was important to me.

Professional interests: Critical care and emergency medicine.

Hobbies: Hiking with my dogs, travelling, spending time with friends and eating their leftovers.

Sarah June Kim, PharmDSarah June Kim, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Northeastern University | Boston, MA

Why I chose Providence: I was initially drawn to this region because of its progressive nature of pharmacy practice. I chose to apply to Providence because I wanted to gain a well-rounded experience with a wide variety of both acute and ambulatory care opportunities. After speaking with the preceptors and former residents, I was able to get a glimpse of the positive culture of Providence and passion that they had for patient care and teaching. I was also drawn to how large and close-knit the residency class was and am excited to be a part of an amazing cohort of residents.

Professional interests: Ambulatory Care, Emergency Medicine

Hobbies: Traveling, spending time with family and friends, watching movies, trying new food places, and hiking

‘Sarah’ You Been Kim, PharmD‘Sarah’ You Been Kim, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy | Loma Linda, CA

Why I chose Providence: I initially applied to Providence due to the progressive nature of pharmacy practice in Oregon. I was also drawn to the idea of having 15 co-residents in my cohort, but it wasn’t until the interview where I truly felt like this was where I wanted to spend the next year of my life. A residency at Providence gives me the privilege of training under dedicated and exceptional preceptors and living in one of the most beautiful cities in the west coast. In addition, Providence provides ample opportunities for both learning and teaching through the layered learning model and due to my interest in academia, this was something that appealed to me early on. Providence was my top choice due to its location, diverse rotation electives, nurturing preceptors and warm and welcoming culture. I am excited to be a part of this year’s batch of residents and am honored to have the opportunity to serve the people of Portland. ​

Professional interests: Oncology and academia

Hobbies: Cooking and hosting dinner parties, curating charcuterie boards and exploring pretty cities.

Peter Martsin, PharmDPeter Martsin, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Washington State University College of Pharmacy | Spokane, WA

Why I choose Providence: I was drawn to Providence by the numerous opportunities offered in the residency across the region, and by the supportive environment that I saw firsthand throughout the health system. The staff show dedication to their patients and are passionate in teaching residents to become successful, well-rounded pharmacists. I wanted a large residency cohort to connect with and learn from throughout the year, as well as be involved in a health system dedicated to their mission in serving the community. Additionally, I am eager to work alongside our preceptors in the layered learning model and improve my skills as a teacher. I am grateful to have matched with Providence and excited to continue to grow personally and professionally while serving our patients.

Professional Interests: Ambulatory care, geriatrics, and academia.

Hobbies: Film photography, reading, hiking, and coffee.

Arthur Nguyen, PharmDArthur Nguyen, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Pacific University School of Pharmacy | Hillsboro, OR​

Why I chose Providence: I was initially drawn to Providence's culture of support and large variety of rotations. Meeting the preceptors and previous residents, during my interview, I felt as though Providence would provide a supportive yet challenging environment in which I could develop as a well-rounded, collaborative, direct patient care provider. In addition, I was enthusiastic about the idea of being actively involved in engaging students through diverse teaching experiences and further exploring my interest in academia.

Professional interests: Oncology and Academia.

Hobbies: Collecting vinyl records, traveling, playing guitar, and discovering new food places to eat.

‘Annie’ Van Nguyen, PharmD‘Annie’ Van Nguyen, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Pacific University School of Pharmacy | Hillsboro, OR​

Why I chose Providence: I was introduced to Providence as a student pharmacist and was greatly impressed by the strong patient care values and dedication to excellence that all members of the health system shared. Through the robust rotation, leadership, and precepting opportunities that Providence Portland offers, I knew I would be able to maximize my residency experience, while also getting ample support from my residency cohort and dedicated preceptors. I have felt welcomed by all members of the pharmacy team throughout the interview and onboarding process and look forward to the professional and personal growth I will gain under their guidance this year.

Professional interests: Infectious Disease, Medication Safety, Informatics.

Hobbies: Discovering new restaurants and coffee shops, traveling, watching vlogs, and hiking along waterfall trails.

Sheila Prabhu, PharmDSheila Prabhu, PharmD​

Pharmacy School: Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy | Kingsville, TX

Why I chose Providence: I was initially drawn to Providence because of the multitude of opportunities afforded here, the supportive culture, and progressive nature of pharmacy practice. I found that the variety of rotations would help me to become a well-rounded clinical pharmacist while allowing me to focus on my areas of interest such as ambulatory care and academia. I was also interested in the idea of a large cohort because this would allow me to continuously learn and grow from others throughout the year and my pharmacy career. It was at my interview, though, that I truly fell in love with Providence. Besides the welcoming nature, current residents spoke highly about the preceptors and their investments in residents and their success. Because of this, I was excited about the layered learning model which would give me the opportunity to build my leadership and precepting skills while still learning from my preceptors. In addition, most staff members and preceptors were previous residents which, to me, speaks to the culture of Providence. It was a culmination of these interactions and opportunities that I felt Providence was the best fit for me!

Professional interests: Ambulatory Care, Diabetes, and Academia.

Hobbies: Eating all the great Tex-Mex I can get my hands on, Netflix, sight-seeing, cooking, karaoke, and football.

Maurice Tran, PharmDMaurice Tran, PharmD

Pharmacy School: University of Washington School of Pharmacy | Seattle, WA

Why I chose Providence: I chose to apply to Providence because of its model of learning and organizational culture. Providence utilizes a layered learning model for core rotations where there is an attending pharmacist, resident, and student. Having had some experience with this model in my APPEs, I felt that this provided me a holistic learning experience where I gained important clinical insight and support from colleagues at different stages of their careers. As such, in learning about how Providence utilizes this model to develop residents’ clinical and precepting skills drew me to this program. With regards to culture, I remember how welcoming everyone was on interview day. During my interview, I felt that everyone was interested in not only learning more about me as an applicant, but equally interested in learning more about me as a person. Additionally, in seeing the high degree of rapport between the co-residents, I knew Providence was my top pick for residency. Training environments and organizational cultures where such a holistic approach is taken towards professional development of residents are rare, and I am so honored to be part of the 2020 – 2021 residency cohort!

Professional interests: Internal medicine, infectious diseases, primary care, and academia.

Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, trying out new foods, improvisational comedy, volunteering with local dog rescue organizations.

James Watkins, PharmDJames Watkins, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Oregon State University Doctor of Pharmacy Program | Corvallis, OR; Portland, OR

Why I chose Providence: I was initially drawn to the integrative, progressive and teaching-based Providence St. Joseph Health organization due to the system’s profound commitment to its mission: to serve all, especially the poor and vulnerable. I was able to experience this first-hand during my fourth year of pharmacy school, where I was fortunate enough to complete all of my APPE rotations at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. I greatly benefited from the program’s layered-learning model. As a resident, you are able to precept students on a daily basis, which is an exceptional way to reinforce important concepts while passing down knowledge to the next generation of pharmacists. I chose to do my training at Providence because of the nurturing and supportive culture I experienced as a student. The pharmacy team consists of well-rounded, knowledgeable and enthusiastic preceptors: many of whom were previous residents. Another key reason I chose this program is because I feel that the ability to develop relationships with 15 co-residents from a multitude of backgrounds is a wonderful way to obtain a perspective on different approaches to healthcare. The PGY-1 Residency Program offers flexible, individualized rotation plans specific to resident areas of interest, which is critical for both personal and professional development.

Professional interests: Infectious diseases, critical care and emergency medicine.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, hiking, camping, following the Portland Trailblazers and raising puppies.