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PGY1 Pharmacy Residents-Portland

ChangShulin Chang, PharmD

Pharmacy School: University of Washington School of Pharmacy | Seattle, WA

Why I chose Providence: I was initially drawn to Providence for a variety of reasons. I started out with a wide range of interests, and the opportunity to complete rotations in both the ambulatory and acute care setting gives me a chance to navigate through these interests. In addition, Providence utilizes the layered learning model for core rotations, which is a unique and exciting opportunity for residents to experience being both a learner and a teacher. During my interview, I could see that the culture at Providence was very welcoming and supportive of residents, which solidified my interest in this program.

Major Project: Use of anti-psychotic medications for hospitalized patients:
development of an algorithm

Professional interests: Internal medicine, infectious diseases, academia

Hobbies: Listening to random documentaries, spending time with my cat, exploring dessert places

Carly Barnes, PharmDKevin Chau, PharmD​

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois College of Pharmacy | Chicago, IL

Why I chose Providence: Part of my motivation to move to the Pacific Northwest was the progressive nature of pharmacy practice here. Providence also offers a variety of ambulatory care and acute care opportunities within the residency program, which creates a well-rounded experience. The large resident cohort at Providence promotes a supportive environment that allows us to draw on each other’s experiences, backgrounds, and ideas. In addition, the preceptors are very encouraging, supporting each resident’s growth in different ways. Providence’s program includes the characteristics and experiences I want out of a PGY-1 residency and will provide me with skills I need to be a well-rounded pharmacist.

Major Project: Fixed-dose Kcentra for DOAC reversal

Professional Interests: Oncology, Infectious Diseases, and Academia

Hobbies: Hiking, running, trying new restaurants

Jacqueline Figueras, PharmDKatie Couch, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences | Spokane, WA

Why I Chose Providence: I was initially drawn to Providence for the variety of rotations offered as well as the robust learning and precepting opportunities provided through the layered learning model. The structure of rotations allows residents to learn from experienced preceptors, while reinforcing concepts through teaching student pharmacists. I believe this structure will allow me to grow into a well-rounded pharmacist as I learn how to effectively teach others. Additionally, the opportunity to be challenged by and develop relationships with 15 other co-residents was an attractive part of this program. I am thankful to be a part of such a wonderful team at Providence!

Major Project: Evaluation of infusion reactions associated with higher infusion rates
of immune globulin (IVIG) in neonate and pediatric patients

Professional Interests: Infectious diseases, pediatrics, critical care, transplant

Hobbies: Taking my dog swimming, hiking or to the dog park, wine tasting, listening to true crime podcasts, huckleberry picking

Caleb Galindo, PharmDEva Huang, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Northeastern University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences | Boston, MA

Why I chose Providence: I was initially drawn to Providence because I felt very connected with the organization’s mission to serve all, especially the poor and vulnerable. The commitment to patient care and positive culture for learning became evident to me during the information sessions and interview. In addition, I was excited by the prospects of practicing in a region known for progressive pharmacy practice and sharing the residency experience with a large cohort. The diverse rotations offered in the acute and ambulatory care setting help fulfill my goal of becoming a well-rounded clinical pharmacist and provide ample opportunities to explore my professional interests.

Major Project: Evaluation of a high intervention discharge medication program

Personal Interest: Ambulatory care and Oncology

Hobbies: Yoga, social dancing, musicals, exploring cafes and bakeries

Meagan Greckel, PharmDNicole Hulsebus, PharmD

Pharmacy School: University of Iowa College of Pharmacy | Iowa City, IA

Why I chose Providence: I was initially drawn to Providence for the wide variety of rotations offered, particularly the oncology and ID electives. I have always had a large group of co-workers, and the idea of being a member of a large residency cohort appealed to me especially being so far from home. I was also impressed with the layered learning model, and by how welcomed I felt during the recruitment and interview process.

Major Project: Analysis of PPMC ICU Antibiotic Renal Dose Adjustment Guideline

Professional interests: Oncology, infectious disease

Hobbies: Reading, creating and consuming baked goods, and cheering on the Hawkeyes

Linda Huynh, PharmDLaura Kays, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Pacific University School of Pharmacy | Hillsboro, OR

Why I chose Providence: I had the pleasure of being a student at Providence and complete all of my APPE rotations at PPMC. I was impressed by the support I received from my preceptors as well as the entire resident class. I was drawn to the fact that many of the preceptors within Providence were also past residents and believe this is what makes the environment here so positive and supporting. I am grateful to have had such dedicated preceptors and am looking forward to the opportunities that Providence offers to grow as a preceptor myself. In addition, I knew the wide variety of rotations offered at Providence would allow me to further explore my interests in specialty and ambulatory care.

Major Project: Tenecteplase implementation for ischemic stroke at a large tertiary medical center

Professional interests: Specialty, ambulatory care, diabetes, and heart failure

Hobbies: baking, cooking, camping, and traveling to new places

Jonathan Aguilar Roa, PharmDDavid Dalchul Kim, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Oregon State University Doctor of Pharmacy Program | Corvallis, OR; Portland, OR

Why I chose Providence: I was initially drawn to Providence due to the variety of rotations opportunities that align with my core interests and the large resident cohort size. I also had a great learning experience from amazing preceptors during my fourth-year APPE rotations at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. I especially benefited a lot from Providence’s layered-learning model where PGY1 residents participate in precepting APPE students along with other pharmacists. Since I want to develop leadership and precepting skills during my residency, I knew PGY1 program offered by Providence is a great fit for me. I am grateful to have match with Providence and I look forward to growing as a strong clinical pharmacist during this residency year.

Major Project: Evaluation of specialty pharmacy productivity metrics to create an updated standardized productivity tool

Professional interests: Infectious diseases, cardiology, critical care, and geriatrics

Hobbies: Exercise, traveling, Netflix, and trying new food places

Carly Barnes, PharmDYongmin Ko, PharmD​

Pharmacy School: Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences | Spokane, WA

Why I chose Providence: ​ I chose to come to Oregon because of the progressive pharmacy practice, Providence’s strong residency curriculum, and the mission to serve diverse patient populations with compassion. Oregon is one of the most progressive states for pharmacy practice, which supports providing advanced patient centered pharmacy care in all practice settings. Due to my interests in primary care and pharmacy profession in health care system, I wanted to be part of the large integrated health system where I can experience collaborative practice agreements in diverse clinical services and directly impact patients. Furthermore, I chose to complete my postgraduate training at Providence because of the program’s dedication to residents’ personal and professional development. The PGY-1 Residency Program at Providence offers an individualized rotation schedule to support each resident’s areas of interest and preceptors are committed to growth of residents. Preceptors at Providence provide a clinically challenging, yet constantly supportive environment with frequent feedback and this is the residency program where I envisioned myself growing tremendously. Lastly, I wanted to continue to grow as a compassionate practitioner by serving the mission with Providence— express God’s healing love to serve all, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.

Major Project: Geriatric Mini-fellowship Practice Improvement Project on Deprescribing

Professional Interests: Ambulatory care, geriatrics care, pharmacy leadership, and academia.

Hobbies: Hiking, discovering new restaurants, painting, and volunteering with local bone marrow registry.

Jacqueline Figueras, PharmDKatherine Nguyen, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Oregon State University Doctor of Pharmacy Program | Corvallis, OR; Portland, OR

Why I Chose Providence: As a previous APPE student at Providence Portland Medical Center, I was impressed by the passion displayed by the residents and the diverse patient care experiences that were offered. The teaching opportunities, layered learning model and comprehensive elective experiences at two different sites are key highlights that I believe make Providence Portland stand out from other residency programs. Not to mention, having a large residency cohort makes it much more enjoyable as well! I am so excited to continue my professional career at Providence Health & Services, an institution that is dedicated to the growth and development of its residents and challenges them to work with excellency and collaboratively as a vital member of a patient care team.

Major Project: Vitamin K Supplementation to Improve Post-Operative Mitral Valve Intervention Hemostasis

Professional Interests: cardiology, critical care, emergency medicine

Hobbies: eating appetizers, wine tasting, running 5K’s with family, watching anime

Caleb Galindo, PharmDPhuong Phan, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Oregon State University Doctor of Pharmacy Program | Corvallis, OR; Portland, OR

Why I chose Providence: I was initially drawn to Providence by its broad array of rotations to diversify my clinical experience and the supportive environment to cultivate my learning. Moreover, during my pharmacy education and work experience, I was fortunate to work with past residents from Providence. This valuable experience convinced me that the residency training at Providence would equip me with skills and knowledge to effectively optimize patient care and proactively tackle challenging clinical situations in the future. Finally, I appreciate having 15 other co-residents from various backgrounds to offer different pharmacy perspectives so that we all can learn from each other and grow together. I am proud to be a part of Providence’s residency cohort this year and look forward to countless opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

Major Project: Rifaximin (Xifaxan) therapy initiation during hospitalization and access facilitation at discharge

Personal Interest: critical care, internal medicine, ambulatory care

Hobbies: hiking, traveling, enjoying my morning coffee and taking care of my houseplants

Meagan Greckel, PharmDAnhthy Tong, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Pacific University School of Pharmacy | Hillsboro, OR

Why I chose Providence: I felt like I clicked the most with the Providence team in Portland, OR throughout the application process. The residents spoke highly of their learning experiences and how warmly they were welcomed into the pharmacy team. And although the interview was brief, I was able to pick up on the genuine enthusiasm of the pharmacist preceptors, leadership team, and residents. Putting it all together, I knew that I would receive a high quality learning experience to shape >me into a clinical pharmacist I can be proud of through Providence. At the end of the day, my goal with pharmacy is to learn and grow and have fun while doing that!

Major Project: Evaluation of Pharmacist-led Transition-Of-Care Discharge Pilot Program

Professional interests: Transitions of Care, Cardiology, Public Health, Critical Care, Oncology, Specialty

Hobbies: Traveling to metropolitan areas and enjoying the tasty cuisines they have to offer (most favorably Vancouver/BC, Japan, and New York); capturing photos of my close pals and sceneries that inspire me; cooking plant-based versions of my favorite asian dishes with my partner; repurposing and revitalizing old articles of clothing

Linda Huynh, PharmDKatelynn Tran, PharmD

Pharmacy School: University of Houston College of Pharmacy | Houston, TX

Why I chose Providence: ​I was initially drawn to the Pacific Northwest due to the progressive nature of pharmacy practice and found that Providence offered a variety of rotations in both ambulatory care and acute care, that would allow me to be a well- rounded clinician. I was also attracted to the diverse patient population Providence serves and the care they provide to underserved patients. Furthermore, I liked the idea of having 15 co-residents with me to lean on and develop lasting friendships with. After talking to previous residents and hearing their experiences, I was confident that Providence could provide the necessary tools and support I needed to be successful. At Providence, pharmacy plays an integral role in the care of a patient, and I am grateful to be a part of this community.

Major Project: Evaluation of a Pharmacy-led Beta Lactam Allergy Assessment

Professional interests: infectious diseases, global health/public health, transplant, ambulatory care

Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, trying new restaurants, baking

Kevin Johansen, PharmDErin Wu, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Oregon State University Doctor of Pharmacy Program | Corvallis, OR; Portland, OR

Why I chose Providence: I was immediately drawn to the program's diversity of learning experiences including leadership and teaching opportunities that will shape >me to be an all-rounded clinician. In addition, I really like the positive and nurturing culture of Providence and the passion for patient care and teaching. This program offers a myriad of rotations that can be tailored to individual areas of interest, which is vital for individual and professional development. I am excited to be part of this year's residency class and grateful to be able to serve the people of Portland.

Major Project: Implementation and evaluation of post-discharge clinical patient follow-up & MTM program in an outpatient pharmacy setting

Professional interests: Informatics, internal medicine, outpatient pharmacy

Hobbies: Camping, running, eating

Sarah June Kim, PharmDMelissa Yokoyama, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Pacific University School of Pharmacy | Hillsboro, OR

Why I chose Providence:

I was first introduced to Providence as a student pharmacist and was impressed with how much the program truly values their residents and the dedication to see them succeed. During my interview I could really tell how much the residents loved this program by how highly they spoke about it. I was also drawn to this program due to the large residency cohort to connect with and learn from throughout the year. I wanted a residency program that offered a well- rounded experience in a wide variety of both acute and ambulatory care opportunities that would expose me to many areas of pharmacy. I am honored to be part of this year’s batch of residents and to be able to serve this community.

Major Project: Implementation and Standardization of Naloxone Prescribing in an
outpatient pharmacy setting

Professional interests: ambulatory care, infectious disease, oncology

Hobbies: Exploring new restaurants, Netflix and anything Disney related!

/Jessica Zhao, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Purdue University College of Pharmacy | West Lafayette, IN

Why I chose Providence: I was even more drawn to Providence after getting to know the previous residents via Zoom. Providence is a large healthcare system that reaches from Alaska and as far south as Texas. At Providence, there is an important emphasis on interdisciplinary and collaborative practice setting between the healthcare professionals, and that was something I was looking for in a PGY-1 program. I also knew I wanted to practice at the top of my license and make meaningful impacts after graduation. Both the Pacific Northwest and Providence Portland Medical Center have been able to provide unique opportunities in learning, teaching, and leadership experiences that have directed me closer to achieving my professional goals. I was excited about the large residency class too because it meant more opportunities to collaborate and to provide/receive support from my co- residents. One of my goals moving through PGY-1 is to become well-rounded, adaptable, and prepared to step into a second year of residency. Between the two sites, Providence can offer a wide range of diverse rotations that further support my career goals moving forward. Lastly, the culture at Providence is inviting and nurturing, along with its engaging caregivers and preceptors that have made me feel Providence was the best fit for me.

Major Project: Oral anticoagulation after acute ischemic stroke in patient with A-
fib/A-flutter initiated at or prior to discharge

Professional interests: Oncology, academia

Hobbies: painting, discovering new recipes and experimenting with different ingredients, running, thrifting, and propagating plants!