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Collaborative Continuity Practices

The goals of our collaborative continuity practices ("shared practices") are to allow residents to diversify their continuity experiences and to better achieve their own personal career goals. Continuity sites are selected to ensure a high quality educational experience.

Options for collaborative continuity include (but are not limited to):

  • Working with general medicine faculty in the PMG-Northeast clinic
  • Working with internal medicine subspecialists (e.g., ID, Pulmnology, Heme/Onc)
  • Working with a geriatrician

In each of these settings, the resident works in partnership with a personally selected faculty member. During this time, the resident delivers continuity of care to a distinctly different patient population, becomes familiar with alternative office settings, and develops experiences and contacts that are useful in acquiring subspecialty fellowship. Approximately one-third of our residents elect to do a collaborative continuity clinic during either their second or third year of residency.

Nationally Recognized

“I couldn't imagine a better mentor than Dr. Hodges. Not only did I learn so much about the practical aspects of geriatrics and palliative care, but I also saw what it means to have deeply meaningful relationships with my patients. Dr. Hodges truly cares for her patients in a holistic way, discussing touchy subjects like moving out of independent living, losing the ability to drive, and when to move to hospice care, with compassion and understanding. I learned so much through working directly with an expert like Dr. Hodges.”

Barbara Esselink, M.D.