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Why Eureka

Welcome to California's Majestic Redwood Coast

Come for the quality of the medical education, stay for the quality of life.

Nestled between the rugged coastline of northern California and ancient redwood forests (as old as 200 years and taller than a 30 story building!), Eureka is the largest coastal city between San Francisco and Portland. This burgeoning seaport town consistently ranks among travel magazines as not only a top destination to visit and recreate, but an area that provides a high quality of living for those that choose to call Humboldt County’s biggest city home.

Described as a region where nature and culture merge, Humboldt County pays tribute to its past and present with beautifully restored Victorian era buildings in Eureka’s Old Town district and Ferndale’s Main Street. The charm is personified by a still-working seaport In Eureka where crusty fishing boats chug in and out of a protected harbor, logging trucks rumbling through town, and an eco-conscious college vibe thanks to Humboldt State, in the nearby town of Arcata. Hundreds of ornate 19th-century homes, like the Carson Mansion, a paragon of Queen Anne architecture now housing a private club at the end of Second Street, reflect the prosperity of the area’s formative years, when lumber was king. The entire city of Eureka is a state historic landmark, a captivating mix of nature and culture with a small-town feel.

Culture abounds in Eureka as well. Boasting one of the highest artist per capita ratios in the nation, Eureka is chock full of galleries, community art displays, local theatres, an accomplished symphony and colorful music scene, all channeling the region’s unique esprit de corps.

For the discerning “gastronome”, Humboldt flexes its considerable muscles in the restaurant realm. A multitude of excellent dining establishments dot the landscape like so many glowing orb’s in the night sky. Larrupin, Folie Deuce, Restaurant 301 or the Benbow Inn, will delight even the most traveled gourmand.

And did we mention traffic? Probably not, because there virtually isn’t any. The closest thing to a traffic jam is the local Stevie Winwood cover band.

Our temperate, coastal climate makes spending time in nature a recipe for fun for the outdoor enthusiast. There’s open-ocean fishing for salmon, halibut and crab, or river fishing along the area’s s six rivers for Steelhead; hiking amongst the majestic Trinity Alps; white water rafting along the Trinity river; surfing at the “jetty”; hiking through Fern Canyon; kiteboarding at Big Lagoon; mountain biking in the Arcata forest; gorging at the annual Oyster Festival; road biking through the Avenue of the Giants or up to Kneeland; or discovering the regions bounty of artisan foods and libations.

Come discover what over 130,000 residents of Humboldt have been unsuccessful in keeping secret – the Redwood Coast is one of the most special places on the planet.

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