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Community Support

The Family Medicine Residency Program at St. Joseph Hospital, Eureka, would not have been possible without the dreams, planning, and teamwork of the amazing people of Humboldt County; physicians, community leaders, philanthropic donors, all coming together to address the challenge of access to primary care physicians in our area. Through the determination and support of leaders present and past—including David O’Brian and Hermann Spetzler—this residency program was created. Since 2019, we have working together as a patient-centered, clinic-first team, shaping the best doctors in the most beautiful surroundings.

Embracing our Family Medicine Residents

Dennis Leonardi The Redwood North Coast is a resource rich region that is home to great beauty, talent and resourcefulness. When challenged with the need for more family doctors, both physicians and a dedicated community stepped up to build our residency program. Philanthropy, and commitment combined with our roll up your sleeves attitude of getting things done kicked into to gear. We combined exceptionally talented physicians, a progressive partnership with Open Door clinics and an anchoring commitment from our hospital and now we welcoming you to the North Coast, Humboldt county. Where neighbors still help neighbors.

Dennis Leonardi
Dairy Farmer
President, Providence St. Joseph Humboldt Community Board

I am so grateful that Roberta and St Joes created this extraordinary Residency Program in our small rural community. I and Premier Financial are honored to have sponsored the first three Laughter is the Best Medicine fundraisers to support the program. The benefits to the resident doctors, and our community, are immeasurable. We are committed to continuing our financial support and our passionate engagement with these new doctors and St Joes in Eureka

Wayne Caldwell, CFP, Founder
Premier Financial Group and Premier Philanthropic

​When my husband and I first heard about St. Joseph's executives dreaming of starting a residency program, we realized this was a game changer for our semi-rural community. Our need for doctors is great, especially for family practice doctors, and we felt this was an opportunity to donate to something that would benefit everybody in our county immeasurably. The first class of residents has already made a huge impact on us, and we hope we have made as great an impact on them.

Katherine Wayne, President, St. Joseph Hospital Foundation
Centennial Campaign Co-chair

Greetings from the Redwood Coast! I am so pleased to be able to extend this warm welcome to you! The community has been involved in supporting the Humboldt Family Residency Program and is so grateful to St. Joseph Health--Humboldt and Open Door Community Health Centers for making this program a reality! The entire community stands ready to assist you as you help us plot a path to better healthcare.

I wish you the very best. I look forward to meeting you along the way and I hope you choose--as I have--to make Humboldt a place to learn, live, work and play for your entire career.

Connie Stewart, Executive Director of Initiatives
Caifornia State Polytecnnic University Humbolt
Former Arcata Mayor