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Application and Appointment FAQs

What do I need to know before applying?

Will your program accept applications from international graduates?

Yes. We do accept applications from international graduates and do have international graduates in our current program. However, international medical school graduates must either be US citizens or have legal resident status.

Will your program sponsor H1B and J1 visas?

No. We are regretfully unable to accept applications from VISA candidates at this time.

Do you have cut off scores for USMLE or COMLEX?

Yes. Applicants must have passing USMLE or COMLEX Step/Level 1 and Step/Level 2 scores.

Will your program make exceptions for otherwise qualified applicants who have not passed one or both of their USMLE or COMLEX steps?

No. All applicants must have passing USMLE or COMLEX step 1 and step 2 scores.

Do you have an attempt limit for passing the USMLE or COMLEX steps?

Yes. Applicants need to have passed both Step 1 and Step 2 exams with no more than one fail total.

Do I need to be eligible for a California Postgraduate Medical License?

Yes, all applicants must be eligible for the a Postgraduate Training License (PTL) issued by the Medical Board or the Osteopathic Medical Board of California.

Will we take paper applications or applications outside of ERAS?

No. Only applications submitted through ERAS will be reviewed.

When is the application deadline?

October 1st, 2023.

Do you participate in the Match?

Yes. We only accept applicants registered for the Match (NRMP).

How many letters of recommendation do I need?

Three. At least one letter from a family medicine faculty.

Does your program have a cutoff for number of years since graduating medical school?

Generally applicants need to have graduated from a medical school recognized by the Medical Board or Osteopathic Medical Board of California within the last two years.

Will your program accept applications from medical residents with prior training?

Applications from applicants with previous residency training are considered on a case-by-case basis, including the nature for leaving prior training and impact on program.

If I do Match, what are additional requirements in order to be hired?

Will I need to undergo a background check prior to starting?

Yes. All matched residents are required to undergo a criminal background check prior to starting.

Are there medical requirements in order to be hired?

Yes. All Providence residents are required to meet Caregiver Health's minimum health criteria, including but not limited to:

  • Proof of all required immunizations
  • Tuberculosis testing
  • Passing drug test

Does the residency program provide housing?

The hospital does have 4 housing units which are made available for residents to rent. However, most residents need to find their own housing. There is considerable competition for rental units in our community due to the student population of Cal Poly Humboldt. We advise that residents start looking for housing soon after they match. The hospital does have relationships with reality agencies which can assist residents to find suitable housing.

Will I need to have an automobile?

Although not required, it is very strongly suggested that residents have their own automobile. Most clinical rotations are close enough to the hospital and clinic to make walking or bicycle commuting possible. However, there are several rotations in Arcata and Fortuna, 10 and 15 miles distant respectively. In addition, first and second year residents spend a one-month rotation at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento 300 miles away. Although public transportation is possible, it would be very inconvenient.